These hipsters are growing on me

I had a good night sleep and woke up to go to Narona, a bar/café down the street for some free wifi. I saw a sign on the wall in Cyrillic and got all sorts of excited. Turns out, the bartender was born in Belgrade. I was so proud to have found probably the first and last Serbian in Cape Town. Djedo would be proud. I have also fallen in love with the Chicken, feta, and avocado burger here. The chances of me becoming a regular there are very high. After our computers died, we headed over to the Book Lounge, which is right next door to our apartment. It was adorable and like the Curious Book Shop in East Lansing, this will be my comfort spot in Cape Town. They have events almost every night that I can already tell I will attend. This next part is scary so if you need to skip ahead, that’s fine. I lost my keys. Bottle opener, scan card, lucky charm and all. After calmly retracing my steps multiple times, I knew they were gone. I didn’t panic which was very surprising. I think here and anywhere else I go, I’ve realized that panic will get me nowhere. If they’re lost then I deal with it and move on. I went back to the building and explained the situation to the security guards who let me in. They told me a woman who lived in the building had found keys but didn’t turn them in and took them with her. So that was helpful. I then headed out with some friends to check on a park that was nearby. One observation is that here, people don’t keep their dogs on leashes. At the park, they were running around in packs just playing. When they were called, they came immediately and didn’t both other people. Americans could take a few hints from them. I then saw a slackline between two tall tree trunks and had the urge to try it. I chickened out because it was too high but then we saw a bunch of surfer/hipster looking guys with a ton of slacklines across the park. They were much lower and shorter distances. As we approached, one of the guys ran up to me, introduced himself and asked if I wanted to try. I tried to contain my excitement as I said yes. I took of my shoes, he took my hand, and I hopped up onto the line. He helped me across the first few times and then it was time to practice on my own. I am awful. It is absolutely embarrassing how little balance I have without someone’s helping hand. They said that if the weather is nice, they are at the park every Sunday and invited us to join them whenever we want. I am going there every Sunday. I am determined to get across and be able to do jumps like they do. They’ve only been going for about 3 weeks so hopefully I can pick it up. If I do or not, I am going to buy a slackline since it wasn’t that expensive or too big to pack. 

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